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Represented Checks

Represented Checks

Dishonored checks may be presented to financial institutions, physically or by re-presentment, no more than a combination of three times.  For example, if a check is dishonored after the first presentment, it may be re-presented electronically up to two additional time.  Only the face amount of the check can be re-presented and collected.  The collection fee/service fee cannot be added to the initial check amount when that check is re-presented; it must be a separate entry to the check writer's account and in Wyoming the check writer must receive written notice of the collection fee.

If a person chooses to electronically collect the dishonored check collection fee, the collection must adhere to:

  1. Wyoming Statute 33-11-101 through 116 - Wyoming Collection Agencies Act,

  2. Wyoming Statute 1-1-115- Wyoming Civil Liability for Unpaid Checks,

  3. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,

  4. Regulation E of the Federal Reserve System, and

  5. NACHA Operating Rules


Check Representment Article dated July 24, 2003   .pdf format